Cool Classes for Non-Majors

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Are you looking for cool classes that satisfy core-curriculum requirements? Geography offers several interesting courses that are more than just maps. You can explore Earth's ecosystems, the effects of climate change, human-environment interaction, geopolitics, and global cultures.

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Core-Curriculum Courses

GEOG 201 - 3 Lecture Hours

Introduction to Human Geography. A survey of the major systems of man-land relations of the world and their dissimilar developments; the processes of innovation, diffusion, and adaptation stressed with regard to changing relationships between people and their environment.

GEOG 202 - 3 Lecture Hours

Geography of the Global Village. Survey of world regions; globalization; environmental problems at multiple scales; human-environment interactions; cultural coherence and diversity; population and settlement; geopolitics; social and economic development; place identification.

GEOG 203 - 3 Lecture Hours

Planet Earth. Earth’s physical environment including climate, water, landforms, and ecosystems; processes that control these systems and their global distributions; human effects on these processes.

GEOG 205 - 3 Lecture Hours

Environmental Change. Systems perspective on important attributes, elements, and connections within earth's physical environment; dynamic nature of environment at multiple spatial and temporal scales.

GEOG 213 - 3 Lab Hours

Planet Earth Lab. Exercises and maps to illustrate principles of physical geography.

GEOG 301 - 3 Lecture Hours

Geography of the United States. Geographic personality (physical and cultural) of the United States.

GEOG 305 - 3 Lecture Hours

Geography of Texas. Exploration into the geographic personality of Texas: past and current physical and biotic environments; cultural pluralism, including ethnic origins and distinctive human ecologies; and the social, economic and political sources of environmental problems.