Master of Geoscience

The Master of Geoscience (MGsc) is designed for students who want a broad background in the Geosciences at the graduate level. It is intended to provide a science content degree for science teachers in the public schools and community colleges. It can also provide an environmental geoscience background for those in positions having a concern for environmental restorations.


The students must be on the College Station campus for 9 credit hours during one regular semester or one 10-week summer term. A petition may be submitted to waive this requirement.

Student's Advisory Committee

Students must have a committee of no fewer than three members of the graduate faculty, one of whom must be from outside the "home" department. They are to be selected and approved prior to the end of the second semester.

Degree Plan

Dependent upon the student's advisory committee with a minimum of 36 credit hours of which 18 hours must be in a "major" of two specializations. The specializations are geography, geology & geophysics, metereology and oceanography. A minimum of 6 hours of supporting courses must be from areas other than the two specializations of the "major" and are not restricted to the college of geosciences. The use of 690 (Theory of Research), 691 (Research) and 695 (Frontiers in Research) is not allowed. The degree plan is to be submitted prior to the start of the third semester. A thesis in not required.

Transfer, Extension and Other Courses

9 hours of advanced undergraduate (300-400 level) are allowed. A maximum of 12 credits of transfer courses, or Texas A&M System extension courses, or 489 and/or 689 (special topics) or a combination thereof may be considered thereof may be considered for the degree plan.

Final Examination

A final oral examination by the Students Advisory Committee is required.

For more information contact:

Dr. Christian Brannstrom, Geography Department