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Geography is an exciting interdisciplinary science that blends physical science, social science, and the humanities.  Geographers have some of the most in-demand jobs on the planet - Maps and GIS are an integral part of our everyday lives, geographers are influencing decisions that impact our cities and towns, mitigating and preparing for natural hazards (storms, flooding, fires, disease, etc.), and our changing environment, as well as issues in social justice, health, water quality, food resources and identifying new resources for our collective future.

Using technologies such as geographic information science (GIS), remote sensing, cartography, and spatial analysis, geography students study the complex relationships between people and their environment. These relationships vary over time and from place to place across the Earth. You will explore the factors responsible for the variable and changing character of Earth’s surface, which over time has been transformed into the human habitat. Because geography integrates physical science, social science, and the humanities, our programs require our students to have an understanding of both physical and human systems and provides the critical thinking and spatial analytical skills to be successful in a satisfying career.

Physical geography emphasizes a systematic and interdisciplinary approach to the study of landforms, climate, soils, and vegetation. Human geography seeks to describe and explain the spatial patterns of human activities on Earth. These range from such economic activities such as the distribution of retail sales and industrial production to cultural landscapes, which often have strong historic roots.

Find the path that fits your passion: Texas A&M Geography offers Bachelor of Science degrees in Geography, Geographic Information Science and Technology (GIST), and University Studies (USGE), each with exciting options of various tracks or concentrations. There are also two minors available, focusing on Geography and GIST.

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