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Course Policies for GEOG 484: Geography/GIST Internships


The Internship Program creates professional opportunities for Geography/GIST students. The Geography/GIST Internship Program seeks to support student opportunities for self-directed learning, self-assessment, professional development, and career exploration in a professional setting. This document outlines the learning outcomes, policies, and procedures for students seeking to enrolled in GEOG 484: Geography/GIST Internships.

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful complete of the internship, students will be able to:

  1. Apply academic knowledge to solve practical, real-world problems in a professional setting;
  2. Develop and sharpen relevant knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary to serve effectively in a professional setting;
  3. Explain their role and function in the organization and reflect on professional conduct and etiquette in the internship workplace; and
  4. Critically evaluate the internship experience in terms of the broad range of experiences available in the professional field(s) most relevant to the internship.

Internship Policies

  1. Only students in good standing and with a GPR of 2.5 in GEOG courses will be allowed to take internship credit.
  2. All internship grades will be S/U.
  3. Students will be allowed a maximum of 6 Internship credits.
  4. Students will be eligible to receive 1 hour of credit for every 60 hours of work (fall/spring semester and summer).
  5. Students may postpone summer internships credits to the fall semester immediately following the summer internship.
  6. Students will meet with the GEOG Internship Director prior to completing the GEOG 484 Course Agreement.
  7. Students will complete, sign, and deliver to the Geography Academic Adviser the GEOG 484 Course Agreement prior enrolling in GEOG 484.
  8. Students will submit a Final Report via online survey following the GEOG 484 Report Requirements.
  9. Students will discuss the Final Report with the GEOG Internship Director.
  10. Students’ work will be supervised by an internship host.
  11. The internship host will review the student’s Final Report prior to submission by the student.
  12. The internship host will submit an evaluation of the student’s performance via online survey.
  13. The Final Report, along with an evaluation form from the internship host indicating whether the student has successfully completed the expected work, must be submitted via online survey no later than seven days before the final grades for the semester are due. For summer internships, this is typically early August. It is the responsibility of the student to determine this date for the semester of their internship from the TAMU online academic calendar.
  14. Exceptions to these policies may be made by the Undergraduate Director and Internship Director.

Internship Recommendations

The minimum recommended duration of internships is five weeks (fall/spring semester and summer).

Requirements for Final Report for GEOG 484: Geography/GIST Internships

An internship is a valuable experience that provides you with professional development, network opportunities, and insight into related careers. For the Internship Director to assign a grade of S for your internship credit, a report is required from you describing your internship experience. The preparation of this report will also help you evaluate your professional development leading to your career goals.

Your report must be submitted through the online survey system no later than seven days prior to the date that grades are due for the semester of the internship. A link to the online survey system will be generated and sent to your TAMU email address during the period of your internship. It is the responsibility of the student to determine this date for the semester of their internship from the TAMU online academic calendar.

You will be asked on the survey forms to fill in paragraphs of text related to each of the following question prompts. Required word lengths for your responses will be provided on the survey. You must address all points below, and include any other comments, observations, or experiences not specified above in the final “Other Observations” section. Submission of pictures of you during your internship are strongly encouraged, and will be possible using the online survey system.

Your internship host should be given the opportunity to review your answers to the survey questions before your final submission. This procedure will help to avoid release of any confidential or restricted information from your employer’s point of view.

Student Final Report Prompts

  1. Describe the firm, agency, or organization. Where did you work and what type of firm/agency/organization was it? How many people worked in your unit? To whom was your manager accountable? What opportunities are available for upward mobility within the firm or agency? How do other people in your firm network with professionals in their field?
  2. Describe your job responsibilities. What was your role and function within the organization? What would the job description be for your internship? Use a “typical day” approach to describe your normal daily tasks. What technical and soft skills were required for your internship? Describe any major project or initiative in which you participated. Did the internship duties change over time? What were professional behavior expectations? Were you academically and/or professionally prepared for this internship? How did you apply your academic knowledge to solve practical, real-world problems during your internship? Would you have benefited from specific training or classes before participating in this internship?
  3. Reflection. Did the internship align with your expectations? What communication and teamwork problems did you face? Did this internship change plans you have for future courses or career choices? Did the internship add value to your undergraduate education? Did you benefit from participating in an internship? Do you recommend an internship with this firm, agency, or organization to other students?

Student Final Report Submission Instructions

Submit in your report no later than seven days prior to the date final grades are due for the semester/summer of your internship to through the online survey system.

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